Lawn Mowing, Lawn Cutting

  As we enter our 20th year of providing outdoor services to our clients, we look forward to providing you with the same level of service over the past years which has helped us reach the great milestone.  We continue to train and retain a great staff which will provide you with quality workmanship and … Continue reading Lawn Mowing, Lawn Cutting

Lawn Cutting – Still Time To Sign Up!

        Lawn Cutting Season is starting now, but there is still time to sign up today! Give us a call at 248-588-1694, or email us at to be put on the schedule. We will match, or beat, any quote from a comparable company! We service all Oakland County Michigan areas including Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, … Continue reading Lawn Cutting – Still Time To Sign Up!

2016 Lawn Mowing

The grass seems to have sprung up over night! Don’t let it get out of control. Contact Total Lawn Care for weekly lawn service so you don’t have to worry about it! These routes quickly fill up! So, don’t wait. Secure your spot today! For more information , give us a call at 248-588-1694 or … Continue reading 2016 Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing 2016

Total Lawn Care Inc. takes pride in utilizing our expertise when it comes to lawn mowing. It may seem simple and straightforward, but there are proper procedures in lawn mowing the average customer may not know about that are imperative and contribute to healthy and proper lawn care. For example, clipping the lawn too short, … Continue reading Lawn Mowing 2016

Lawn & Landscape 2016

Spring is near and renewal time is here!! Another great season thanks to you!!  We saved another 600 yards of organic materials from going into landfills and made it into compost.  This soil is great for planting trees, shrubs, flowers and seedlings. Total Lawn Care Inc. remains committed to the Healthy Lawn Care Program and … Continue reading Lawn & Landscape 2016

Lawn Mowing 2015

Call us at 248-588-1694 or Click Here to use our Online Request to get a free estimate! It was only a short time ago that the lawns were not green and mowing them was the last thing on your mind. So much has changed! The lawns are green and that grass is getting long! It is not too … Continue reading Lawn Mowing 2015