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Spring Clean 2016

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to begin to rid yourself of all the leaves and debris left behind by the winter. The perfect way to do this is by first giving Total Lawn Care a call! We help rejuvenate your lawn so that is goes from brown and gloomy to revitalized and refreshingly green and vibrant in time for the spring and the oncoming summer months to come. We can also clean the gutters, freshen up the mulch, and prune away winter-killed and excessive branches. Plant care is important us in addition to your lawn. Give us a call for the best service towards the care and cleanliness of your lawn today.


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Spring Cleans 2015

Spring is here! The snow is gone, but now we can see all of the leaves an debris that was under that snow for all of these months. Let Total Lawn Care clear away that debris and get your turf and beds cleaned up with our Spring Clean service. Our professionally uniformed technicians will come out to your home and take away all of that debris and leaves, clear away the dead flowers and decorative grasses and give your lawn that clean look you want!

Mulch, Compost, Topsoil, and Landscaping Ideas for Playgrounds

Please call for more information at 248-588-1694 or Click Here to use our Online Request to secure your spot, or get a free estimate!

Spring Clean 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe official first day of Spring is almost here! Soon, the early Spring bulbs will be revealing their heads telling us Spring has sprung! The melting snow has uncovered all the debris that has accumulated on our lawns and in our landscape beds. The warmer weather calls for outdoor activities like baseball, bike riding, BBQ’s and Spring Cleaning.

Let Total lawn Care take over some of your chores by doing a Spring Clean of your landscape so you can get on with the fun stuff. With a basic Spring Clean we will remove any annuals and perennials from last fall, clear out all debris from your lawn and landscape beds, mow the grass and trim the edges. All the debris is brought back to our facility and recycled into compost.

If you really want to make your landscape sparkle, we can trim your shrubs, prune out winter damage, install mulch and prepare your beds for Summer annuals. If you forgot to clean your gutters last Fall, we can do that too. One company to handle multiple jobs makes it very easy to make your landscape the star of the neighborhood.

Please call for more information at 248-588-1694 or Click Here to use our Online Request to secure your spot, or get a free estimate!

Keep Your Shrubs Looking Beautiful All Season Long!

Shrub trimming should be done twice per season on average after the first round of growth in June/July and late in the season when the shrub is done growing for the season usually around September or October.

shrubs at an average royal oak MI home,



Shrub trimming has a number of positive effects for the shrubs 1) by removing dead leaves and branches you make room for new growth. 2) You are able to maintain the desired height and width, or shape if you so desire,  by staying on a regular maintenance schedule with your bushes. This also helps to keep shrubs/trees from growing into the side or roof of your home/garage before it’s too late. With the recent storms we have experienced many homes were damaged unnecessarily by dead limbs.




globe and traditional arborvitae just starting to look a bit shaggy for the season
To maintain a nice shape both types of arborvitae should be regularly trimmed.

Keeping your bushes trimmed can help on both sides of the fence when comes to security, it can be used to create a nice privacy barrier for your backyard with a nice arborvitae hedge.  Pruning/trimming can also be used to your advantage to keep views from your windows unobstructed and give you clear line of sight to all areas of your property.


remove dead portions of this bush to promote growth of the healthy part of the shrub, Clawson MI

Trimming dead sections of bushes

<——-like this one allows more sunlight and air to reach the healthy parts of the plant which in turn allows the plant to flourish and grow to its fullest potential.

Total Lawn Care Inc. has the best crew leaders on staff to prune your shrubs to help prevent disease or insects from entering the dead part of the bush and spreading to the entire bush, costing you alot more money to replace the whole thing.

Give us a call 248-588-1694 or email us, many times our crew can perform a few tasks during one visit such as weeding your garden beds, cutting in a new natural bed edge, or even cleaning the gutters. All of which will add to the beautification of your property, while keeping the costs down from multiple visits from multiple companies.

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Spring Cleanups & Gutter Cleaning

Spring is fast approaching and that means yard work! The gutters need to be cleaned, the leaves need to be raked,, the twigs need to be picked up, the mulch needs to be freshened up, and your garden beds desperately need some attention. Don’t worry, we are here to help! We can help you have the beautiful yard you deserve without breaking your back, or your bank!Spring Clean Up and Yard Cleaning Services

Total Lawn Care Inc. offers Spring Clean Ups, Lawn Aerations, Gutter Cleaning, Shrub Trimming, and many other necessary Spring Maintenance services. We offer our yard services to both residential and commercial clients within Oakland County, and would love to give you a free estimate! Call us at 248-588-1694 info@totallawncareinc.com, or Click Here to use our Online Request to get a free estimate!

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