Sprinkler Turn On and Water Audit

Not sure exactly what to do for your Sprinkler Turn On? Don’t worry, Total Lawn Care can help! During a Sprinkler Turn On, we check all sprinkler heads for proper coverage and proper working order.  We then set your clock for you, and make any recommendations you may want to impliment to better irrigate your landscaping. We … Continue reading Sprinkler Turn On and Water Audit

Sprinkler Turn On 2016

With over two decades of experience in the industry, our Irrigation technicians come prepared to work hard to make your yard look marvelous. We install custom irrigation systems to help your lawn maintain its green and refreshing look during spring and summer. Proper placement of sprinkler heads are a must otherwise, the customer may face … Continue reading Sprinkler Turn On 2016

2015 Sprinkler Blowouts

It may seem a little early, but the cold weather will be here soon enough. We are starting our sprinkler blowouts and winterizations. Don’t get stuck with a sprinkler repair bill that could be over $1,000 just because you were too late! Let Total Lawn Care come out and professionally blowout your lines and winterize … Continue reading 2015 Sprinkler Blowouts

Time to Winterize Those Sprinklers!

Although this season has been mild, the recent week has been a reminder that we still need to look towards winter. Please contact us for your Lawn Sprinkler System Blow-out and Winterization. Lawn Sprinkler Systems are costly to repair and you don’t want to be stuck with a $900+ repair bill because your system wasn’t … Continue reading Time to Winterize Those Sprinklers!

Sprinkler Turn On’s & Repairs

    Do you have a sprinkler system you need turned on? Did you go ahead and turn your system on yourself this year?  Let us come repair any of those pesky leaks and make sure your zones are all set optimally for the plant material specific to you site. Our Irrigation technicians have over … Continue reading Sprinkler Turn On’s & Repairs

Sprinkler System Winterization

       Total Lawn Care, Inc., can help you Winterize (Blow Out) your Sprinkler System. It is important to clear all of your sprinkler lines to avoid frozen water damage. The Pressure Vacuum Breaker must be free from any water, as well as the sprinkler lines and sprinkler heads. As the weather drops below freezing, any residual … Continue reading Sprinkler System Winterization