Lawn & Landscape 2016

Spring is near and renewal time is here!!

Another great season thanks to you!!  We saved another 600 yards of organic materials from going into landfills and made it into compost.  This soil is great for planting trees, shrubs, flowers and seedlings.

Total Lawn Care Inc. remains committed to the Healthy Lawn Care Program and is a Certified Healthy Lawn Care Program provide.  We follow all guidelines listed to help protect our waterways.  See the enclosed program tip sheet.

We have over 48 employees and 27 trucks to service your landscape needs.  The crew routes fill up fast and we will need to hear from you asap to confirm your services and applicable discounts.

Total Lawn Care staff cannot THANK YOU enough for allowing us to service your landscape needs.  Feel free to call us in the office or contact us via email if you would like site meeting to discuss any construction or special services projects.

Please call for more information at 248-588-1694 or Click Here to use our Online Request to secure your spot, or get a free estimate

Peter, Bill, Fred, Shannon, Brian