Organic Mulch and Compost Installed!

        Total Lawn Care Inc. prevented over 500 yards of green yard waste and debris from entering a landfill facility and recycled the product into plant compost.  This compost is an excellent planting medium! Great for Vegetable Gardens, and planting new spring annuals! We also recycle our tree material into our own Double Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch! … Continue reading Organic Mulch and Compost Installed!

Spring Cleans 2015

Spring is here! The snow is gone, but now we can see all of the leaves an debris that was under that snow for all of these months. Let Total Lawn Care clear away that debris and get your turf and beds cleaned up with our Spring Clean service. Our professionally uniformed technicians will come … Continue reading Spring Cleans 2015

Retaining Walls and Brick Paver Stones

We all love the look of a nicely landscaped yard. Brick Retaining Walls and Brick Paver Pathways are an excellent way of adding even more elegance to your property! Not only do Brick Retainer Walls help control soil erosion, they also help keep precious mulch from entering your turf. Although Brick Retainer Walls and Pathways … Continue reading Retaining Walls and Brick Paver Stones

Spring / Summer Maintenance

        Spring is on it’s way, and Total Lawn Care Inc. is currently preparing bids for new and old customers interested in our services. Not only can we cut your grass, but we can take care of all of your outdoor needs. From Irrigation Turn On’s and Maintenance, to Mulching and Weeding, please review our website … Continue reading Spring / Summer Maintenance