Lawn & Landscape 2016

Spring is near and renewal time is here!! Another great season thanks to you!!  We saved another 600 yards of organic materials from going into landfills and made it into compost.  This soil is great for planting trees, shrubs, flowers and seedlings. Total Lawn Care Inc. remains committed to the Healthy Lawn Care Program and … Continue reading Lawn & Landscape 2016

New Sprinkler System Installation and Design!

        A new Sprinkler System can add significant value and curb appeal to a residence. By having a Sprinkler System Designed and Installed to best fit your property, you can enjoy the sweet life of having a greener yard and never again having to haul around a hose to water your lawn! Set the timer, and … Continue reading New Sprinkler System Installation and Design!

Landscaping Design and Installation!

        Make your indoor living space extend to the outside. We can help design an outdoor room for you that makes you feel like you are on vacation while in your own back yard. From landscape design, brick paving, water features, and much more; Total Lawn Care can help you achieve a beautiful new landscape.         Call … Continue reading Landscaping Design and Installation!

Landscaping 2016

When it comes to transforming your vision of a beautiful landscape into a reality, Total Lawn Care Inc. is the company to turn this dream into an accomplishment. We remain committed to the Healthy Lawn Care Program and are a part of the Certified Health Lawn Care program. With over 48 employees and 20 trucks … Continue reading Landscaping 2016

Total Lawn Care’s 21st Season!

If you are considering an enhancement or renovation project this year, please help us to give your project preference by calling early to plan with one of our staff professionals. Updates as we prepare for our 21st season! Lower fuel prices mean that there will be NO price increases to the services contracts and we … Continue reading Total Lawn Care’s 21st Season!